Leopard Wrap Top + Button Fly Ankle Jeans

Oversized Long Sleeve Wrap Top
High Rise Button-Fly Jeans

Looking for another alternative to a wrap dress? Why not try a wrap top.

Not gonna lie - putting on a true wrap top can be quite the annoyance. You gotta deal with inserting the tie into a small slither of a hole then pulling the tie to wrap around your waist (sometimes twice, depending on the length). Once around the waist, you now gotta hold on to it while you try to locate the other tie. Finally, you pull both together to create a nice bow.


But, wait. You ain't done. Hopefully, the v-neck opening isn't exposing too much chest. So it's now all about readjusting, and in some cases, finding a safety pin to help with the adjustment. Then you may have to deal with the top riding up above the waist every time you bloody move. A good tip I've seen on Instagram is to insert the ties through the belt loops of the pants before proceeding with the wrapping. This way, the top will never ride up above your waist.

Okay, now you're done.

Despite all of the hassle, the final outcome presents a chic look. A wrap top goes well with pants or jeans. I mean, it can go well with a skirt, too, (I've done this pairing before...and will do it again, if need be) but then it becomes a 'dress'. It does give a cool effect, though.