Lilac Mockneck Sweater + Floral Mini

For someone who's self conscious about her legs, I sure don't mind wearing mini skirts.

What makes you so self conscious about your legs, Vivi?

Well, I'm glad you asked. First, I have what we Nigerians call 'k-leg'. Basically, my knees knock together while standing and especially when walking. Secondly, I have osteoarthritis on my left knee, so walking now comes with a slight limp. Finally, dark spots, patches, and lines reign supreme. 

And yet, wearing short dresses and skirts is something I truly enjoy. So clearly I don't give a fuck, right? I guess.

The beautiful Talbots skirt - perfect for spring - was found at my local thrift store. Paired it with a soft lilac high neck sweater which picks up the purple from the skirt. While I dressed it up with black pointed block heels, rockin' a pair of stylish sneakers would look good, too.

Who wear short skirts...despite being insecure about her legs? This lady!