Let's Try This Again

The last time I posted on this lil' blog of mine was in May. In fact, if not for the company sending me a friendly reminder to publish the post, there's a good chance that this blog's last published post would've been back in April.

A good 2-3 months of no content.

This is not how I roll. A week here, a week there. Maybe a 2-3 week break if I'm feeling fancy. That's more of my speed. But let me tell you, the struggle to create content is really really real. Especially, when you're going through a tough patch. And in my case, I was...and kinda still am...? Yet, I'm here because I can't stay away for too long. I do miss my blog and miss publishing enjoyable posts. My social media platforms took a hit as well but truthfully, it's always a struggle for me to post on social media. If I had my way, I'd shut down all of the platforms and focus solely on my blog. If I want to continue growing Heart Print & Style then, unfortunately, the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are needed. Ugh.

Anywho, enough of me blabbing. Jumping back into this blogging game will be a challenge because, man, do I have a lot of backup content that needs to be shared to the world. It's a bit overwhelming which in turn makes me not want to attempt this challenge. My hope is once I get started it won't stop.

We shall see.

Okay, let's get into the 'fit. As I stated on the 'Gram, boohoo sure does have lots of pretty plus size summer dresses. Yes, the brand is known for bodycons and clubwear but peek a little harder (aka have a bit of patience) and one will find a pretty summer dress or two, similar to the one I'm wearing. Paired the yellow leopard print faux wrap midi dress with metallic gold sandals and one of my favorite purchases from last year, the Coach Mini Sierra crossbody bag. If you're worried about the sleeves during the blistering summer heat, don't worry. It can be pulled up to 3/4 length.

Before you close out this page, check me out in Dress Like Me latest article - https://dresslikeme.com/plus/magazine/heart-print-and-style-bold-and-colorful-plus-size-style. Also, see below for more pretty summer dresses.