I am ready to Rebelle.

Are you?

During spring of this year - April, to be exact - I took a road trip down to Richmond, VA for the Rebelle Conference, affectionately called Rebellecon. It's a one-day event for women entrepreneurs looking for a community whose main drive and purpose is to define their own version of success.

With panels that focused on various of topics, Rebellecon wants the entrepreneur woman to continue to grow mentally and emotionally so she'll be able to push her business into the next gear. Or for some, gain enough knowledge to jumpstart their business. My 'unofficial' seat mate throughout the conference definitely was the latter; she had the idea for her business but just needed that push to, well, start the business. For her, she was experiencing imposter syndrome - is she capable enough to bring this idea to life? This was her fear. And I kid you not, after each panel, she increasingly became more confident in herself and her gifts. So much so that by the end of the conference, she gave a testimony. It was awesome to witness.

A strong feeling I came away with at the conference was togetherness. The women in the room wanted each and every woman in attendance to win. It was contagious, really. And it all starts with the founder and host of the conference, Shannon Siriano Greenwood. She is nice, welcoming, and above all, super supportive.

While Rebellecon is a one-day conference, with so many ladies coming from all over the country, a welcome party had to take place. It was there I met up with a few of my fellow DC bloggers/influencers/entrepreneurs while also meeting new people. Plus you can't go wrong with great music, food, and an open bar. 

Fun Fact: Shannon's brother is Christian Siriano. He was there to support his sister.
And we took advantage by taking a quick photo with him.

The conference took place at the Hoffenheimer Building. Along with panels, there was a beauty bar section for quick hairdos and makeup sessions. Plus cute Instagrammable spots for photos. Lunch was on the rooftop and provided by Island Shrimp Co.

Smiling with Angelica

The panel discussions included wellness, money, creativity, and community. The coolest aspect were the activities following each discussion panel. So keep in mind that the conference is very interactive. My DC blogger pals, Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) and Rosanna (DC Style Factory), were part of the Creativity panel along with Jen of Tiny Closet, Tons of Style and moderated by Sydney of Chic Stripes. It was a fun and informative discussion which focused on how each woman was able to transition from working full-time while maintaining a blog/business to becoming full-time bloggers/business owners. 

My favorite part of the conference was hands down the Wellness Activity overseen by Tashira of Politics & Fashion. Her session injected so much soul and positivity into the conference. And for someone who battled cancer, how she came to be her radiant self is beyond astounding. Tashira's story not only touched so many women in the audience but also brought them to tears. This woman is a true speaker and also a star. She created the 21 Day Happiness Project as a way for her to handle the fear of having breast cancer. Even though she's now a survivor (yay!), the project is still going strong. She also provided my favorite quote of that day: You're assigned a mountain to show others it can be moved.
Unintentionally doing the exact same pose with Tashira
The Creativity Panel
(l-r) Sydney, Rosanna, Alison, Jen

Rebellecon's tagline is "Design Your Life". Simple and straightforward motto that packs some serious punch. I like to thank Alison for encouraging me to attend. (Her recap is really good.) And now, I'm doing the same to YOU. Attend Rebellecon! Also, Richmond, VA is a really cute city to visit. Their next conference is on October 18th.

I mean...of course it'll be in October; that's, like, the best month ever.