#MODELTHAT with Eloquii

Eloquii invited me and some of their favorite DC customers and bloggers/influencers to partake in a tour to celebrate their #MODELTHAT campaign.

#MODELTHAT campaign shines a spotlight on women like me and you - working hard in a career we love and making a difference, no matter how big or small, along the way. Plus we look good doing so wearing Eloquii.

Our tour ride on that Saturday was a double decker bus wrapped in the #MODELTHAT campaign posters. The tour consisted of 3 stops: two women-owned businesses and a popular landmark area.

#MODELTHAT double decker bus
photo c/o The Glossier

First stop: Suburbia. Here we were treated to delicious small plates and drinks. Then we decided to have an impromptu runway fashion show for the people. Because, why not? I mean, we were all wearing Eloquii. It just made sense. Union Market is a popular spot on the weekend, so we had a very sizable crowd. But they all enjoyed the 'show'. 

photo c/o The Glossier
Same print, two different styles - jumpsuit and matching set.

Second stop: Republic Restoratives. We took a tour of the only women-owned distillery in DC. The place also has a cocktail bar. Perfect venue for a celebration. And we sampled a few of their drinks, of course.

Final stop: The National Mall. If you ever visit DC (and you should!) please make sure to walk around the National Mall. There's the Reflecting Pool, The Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. It's a tourist hot spot. And a great place to quickly take as many group photos as possible.

photo c/o The Glossier
photo c/o The Glossier
What a day.

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