VMAs '19

Keke Palmer in Yousef Aljasmi
Best dressed. Which isn't saying much since the red carpet was underwhelming.
But still, she looks fantastic!
Yes to the old' school blinged-out cell phone.

It's been a minute since I tuned in to watch MTV's Video Music Awards (the VMAs). 2016, to be precise.

The only reason why I tuned in to watch was because of Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott being honored with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. Took their asses long enough to acknowledge the beyond talented and creative genius. Her 7 minute set was good; I danced and whooped and hollered when Alyson Stoner got a bit of shine.

ETA: Finished watching Lizzo's performance and I swear to you guys, my eyes started welling up during the speech breakdown in Good as Hell. I'm so happy for this girl's success! And she's doing the Lord's work injecting so much inspiration for big/curvy/plus size women like myself. Right now she's promoting her new album, Cuz I Love You. But may I suggest to give a listen to Coconut Oil? It's an EP - only 6 songs - but it's brimming with great lyrics, cheekiness, energy, and fantastic production.

Alrighty, let's get into the fashion:
Lil Nas X in Christian Cowan
Looking quite Prince-ish here.
I'm diggin' the vibe.

Adriana Lima in Sally LaPointe
For some odd reason, I like the whole look. Bodysuit and all.
The sandals are killer.
Not feelin' the wet hair.

Shawn Mendes in Dolce & Gabbana
He's a cutie.
I like the color of his suit.

Lizzo in Moschino
She's definitely rockin' the red. And the retro hairdo is a nice touch.
However, the feather boa looks cheap and the bust of the dress is not doing her chest any favors.

Hailee Steinfeld
The bodice is lovely, the bottom half is a head scratcher.

Queen Latifah in Sergio Hudson
She looks amazing! Who knew orange can look so classy.

Taylor Swift in Versace
The extreme shoulders weren't needed.
Plus, I'm tired of seeing her with bangs.
Time for a new hairstyle, T-Swizzle.

Normani in Nicolas Jebran
The shine she's been getting these past few weeks have been awesome.
I would've loved if she had capitalized on her 'it girl' moment with a much better dress.

Megan thee Stallion
This is fun and fits her style and aesthetic.

Monica in Libertine
I'm a sucker for print.
No to the hat and bag, tho.