Lilac + Maroon

My favorite color is purple. My least favorite color is red. I've seen a few Lilac + Red combination pop up on my Instagram feed. When worn right, it carries quite a punch. It had me intrigued. But once again, I don't care much for the color red.

So I turned the dial down to a shade of red I do like and wear a lot: maroon.

And guess what? The lilac + maroon pairing absolutely worked. I don't know how but it sure does. I've worn the featured look a couple times (at work, I wore burgundy flats) and without fail, I get compliments for the unique color pairing. Completed the look with burgundy snake print heels (even though it appears red in photos).

Lilac Blouse (sold out; sign the waitlist)
Burgundy Ankle Strap Heels

Imagine the color combination in fall clothing? In fact, my favorite blogger did so recently and knocked it out the fucking park -

Blair Eadie

She stuck with red but you get the point. Her outfit is INSANELY good...and it packs a punch.

Below are lilac, red, and maroon options to get started. Happy pairing!