White After Labor Day

Please wear white after Labor Day.


Keeping align with my topic for this week, I'll be sharing styling tips on how to transition pieces into the cooler seasons. Or in this case, a particular color.

Before we even get into answering the initial question...like, who the hell started this so-called rule in the first damn place? And why the hell did I, at one point or another, actually adhere to this so-called rule?

Glad I stopped that shit.

Because wearing white during the fall, and especially the winter season, is so freakin' beautiful! It stands out in the sea of dark fall colors. It shines a bright ol' spotlight on the wearer. Are you ready for the attention? (I'm asking a lot of questions in this post, huh? And there's another one. Oops.)

If wearing a white dress or pants in the colder months may be doing too much, just start off with a top, cardigan, or blazer. And if doing this is still a bit much then there's always accessories in the form of shoes, a purse, or a belt.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing white after summer.