Speckled Leopard + Leather Moto Jacket

I'm back at it again with another matching set. But this one is different for me.

You see, I'm not a huge fan of form fitting, bodycon-ish clothing. I just don't think I look good in them due to my apple shape. When I see ladies with similar body shape rockin' the hell outta form fitting/bodycon items - and rockin' it well - I get very inspired. But the hesitation and nerves kicks in. Then a whole lotta pep talk: "Girl, eff that!" "Do you!" "You look great!" And I ain't gonna lie - looking at these photos, the set does look good on me. Props to the black and white leopard print that pops against the red background (Have I told you guys about my least favorite color? Well, it's red. And have I told you guys about my least favorite color combination? Well, it's red + black + white. Go figure.) 

But back to the insecurity. Feeling so self conscious of my body in this set, I needed an item to put me at ease. Thankfully, the black moto jacket not only comforted me but also gave this look some added oomph. Without the jacket, yes, I look good. With the jacket, I feel amazing.

I'm a work in progress.

Mock Neck Sweater
Pencil Skirt

Mood: Okey dokey.

I saw a tweet (which was 'retweeted' on Instagram because that's what Instagram usually does) how DC area's temperatures this month is straight up like Powerball numbers. Because right now, it feels like spring...yet in a couple of days, we may get hit with a heavy snowstorm. I can't stress this enough but global warming is real.

I'm actually excited to watch the final four episodes of The Circle. I blame Tayne. It's a reality competition show that shouldn't work (folks vying to be The Influencer and win a shitload of money) but it absolutely does. It helps that some of contestants are quite entertaining. Particularly this one guy who's like your typical 'Bro' dude but is turning out to be a total sweetheart whom I find funny. I can't say he's my favorite, though. In fact, I don't have an actual favorite because I like so many of the contestants. It's so bad, I've voted for a different liked contestant each day to win Fan Favorite so it's equal love all around. Sadness. Anywho, by the time I even get home, change to hit the gym, come back from the gym, eat, freshen up...blahblahblah, I may only get through, like, one episode anyway before sleep hits me. Ah well. I'll probably 'spoil' myself to see who won. Spoilers don't rattle me.

Till next time.