Working That Tan

As much as I don't like wearing coats, damn, it really does complete an outfit.

Depends on the coat, right? Personally, I think a camel/tan coat definitely ups the ante. It's ridiculously chic and will always remain timeless. Plus it's a color that works for anyone. 

And the camel/tan color didn't stop there. You can also see it in the checkered pants and the bag. I wore a white wrap top to complement the white stripe along the side of the pants. Altogether, the look is put together. With the coat on, I'm ready for business. Sans coat, it's work then happy hour time.

Mood: Good with a dash of stress.

I'm pretty good at hiding when I'm stressed out or when I'm extremely worried. From the outside, I'm calm. A little too calm. Silent usually. But inside? A hot fucking mess. Over the weekend, I got some news that pretty much ruined what was a great early morning: I prayed, read a chapter of Holy Hustle: Embracing a Work-Hard, Rest-Well LIfe; did some house errands, got dressed for the gym. While it was during the getting dressed part the news came to me. The old Vivi (well, the Dec 2019 Vivi...*laughs*) would've immediately canceled the gym and just laid in bed...silent. The Jan 2020 Vivi decided to still go to the gym. I was pissed, I was heated. But I still went to the gym. I did have to cancel out on meeting up with friends - I called the host to explain my reason; felt a phone call was more necessary than texting. After the gym (didn't help much for getting me outta that funk), I still pretty much stayed in my room silent and caught up on TV shows. Before heading to bed, I vowed to go to church the next morning.

And guess what? I did! This is huge because your girl hasn't physically stepped inside of her church since one random ass day early last year. Also, your girl hasn't 'been' to church either since that one random ass day (been = attending church online.) Anywho, I went to the 8am service and didn't burst into flames. We thank God. The sermon was pretty much for me and me alone. And sure, others in the congregation may have felt this way. But nope. It was for me. Sorry. Basically, it delved into how it's okay to be better broken (going through obstacles/phases/'a season') but don't let it break you. A word. Not gonna lie, going to church put me in a much better mood. Yeah, I'm still dealing with the news and yeah I'm still slightly worried for the outcome. But it what it is. I've prayed about it and now, it's just a matter of working through the problems.

Till next time, homie.