Hit That Subscribe Button: Current Favorite YouTube Channels

Usually, watching/binging TV shows bring me ultimate joy. However, during this quarantine season, YouTube has been my go-to for when I need something to watch. Don't get me wrong, I miss watching TV shows (+ documentaries) and plan to do some serious catching up soon. But for right now, it's just me and my YouTube subscriptions.

Get into my 20 current favorite YouTube channels. You lucky I didn't post 50 of 'em, cause your girl was ready. (I follow close to 200 channels.)

*listed in alphabetical order

Alissa Ashley - Her makeup tutorials are A1. And she comes up with creative ideas to showcase her skills. 
Fenty Beauty MATTEMOISELLE Lipstick Swatches 
Ann Wynn - I followed her blog years ago. Then when I hopped (late) onto Instagram, I stumbled across her page and was like, hey, I remember her! Anywho, her DIY tutorials are really good.
#WynnWorks 4: Modernizing an Old Vanity
arnellarmon - She and Alissa are sisters - twin sisters. Arnell is fantastic with hair, especially lace front wigs. Her lifestyle content is nice, too. Check out her clothing/style hauls. 
Watch Me Create - Megan Thee Stallion Todoroki Hair + Makeup
Beautycanbraid - I'm always fascinated with folks who can create something with their hands. Braiders fall into this category as well. If you're looking for the latest braids trend, this channel is for you.
#473. An Easy Way to Grip
CNBC Make It. - Discovered this channel earlier in the year from a viral video. While its known for their "Millennial Money" series, there are other videos, too, that'll hold your interest.
Living on $120K a Year in the DC Area (Millennial Money)
DevanOnDeck - I'm a sucker for men with good style. His channel was initially my go-to for all things tech, especially regarding Instagram. Now, I've stayed for his style as well. 
Self-Quarantine Pickups #4: Jackets + Full Outfits
Dimma Umeh - I've been knew about Ms. Dimma but only started following her channel this year. If you want authenticity, she's the one. She's unapologetically an Igbo woman. Dimma is known for her vlogs but I enjoy her conversation videos the most. 
Doing My Makeup in My Native Language (Igbo) with Chigurl
FashionSteeleNYC - Monroe Steele is one of my favorite bloggers and now my favorite YouTuber. Love her style, her straightforwardness, her fire-ass content. I'm a fan.  
Massive Statement Jewelry Collection
How To Cake It - Can't even tell you how I stumbled upon this joyous channel but sure glad I did. And I don't even like to bake! (I have, like, zero patience.) Yolanda is a talented woman who knows how to create damn near anything from cake batter. 
How To Make a Chinese Fried Rice Takeout Cake and Fortune Cookies
KarenBritChick - Gosh, how long have I been following Karen's blog? Close to 8-9 years, for sure. Recently started following her channel. "What Everyone is Wearing in New York" series is quite enjoyable and at times, an eye-opener. 
The Strange Way We Met & What Someone Said!! Interracial Couples Story
Kelly Stamps - Shoutout to Marquita of Skinny Girls Got Curves who put me on to this channel. Kelly's sarcastic, deadpan sense of humor is right up my alley. 
I Blew up on YouTube and it Changed My Life. 
LuxMommy - Shoutout to Ola of Road to Fashionable for putting me on to this channel. One of my favorite YouTube pastime is watching designer bag collection videos. Amanda's LV collection is insane...in a good way! I'm starting to realize LV may be my favorite bag designer considering I have 3 of their items (2 bags, 1 wallet all purchased via online consignment stores). But I'm more of Epi leather while she loves herself some monogram. Also, she's heavily into to what's current now in the designer bag world while I'm more of scouring online luxury consignment stores to find a well made bag that fits my need at the moment. Amanda recently started to show a bit more of her life with vlogs and story time including a three-part series about her and husband's adoption process of their 2 sons.
 Luxury Handbag Collection: Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, + More
MrsKevOnStage - Also a recent follow c/o her hilarious husband, KevOnStage. On his page, he shares snippets from their podcast. One particular episode had me hooked so I giddy on up to her YouTube channel to hit that subscribe button. 
#TheLoveHour - The Sex Episode You've Been Waiting for w/ Goody Howard
Nicole Kirkland - I'm a HUGE fan of dance videos and Nicole is one of my favorite choreographers. Her channel now includes her podcast show but I'll always be here for her dance steps. 
One of my main goals during quarantine season was to learn a Nicole Kirkland choreo.
Mission accomplished! It was this one
Jhene Aiko - "B.S." ft. H.E.R.
Parke Avenue - I believe it was also Ola who put me onto this channel. Her consistency of showing what she wore during the work week is admirable. She may be coming out with a robe collection, too. 
1 Year of Outfits (What I Wore This Week #52)
The Break Platform - We all know Patricia Bright for her personality, her family, and her makeup tutorials. But Patricia has another side she's been waiting to reveal. She is passionate about money management! This makes sense considering her background is in finance and at one point she was an investment banker. 
How I Made £8000 Passive Income Secretly in 8 Weeks
TheChicNatural - This channel is definitely in my Top 3. Kim is known for her natural hair journey. However, she's since gone into style lookbooks, vegan recipes, hair tutorials, and more.
10 Full Autumn Outfits! 
The Dave Ramsey Show - This year was the year I truly discovered Mr. Dave Ramsey. I knew of his "7 Baby Steps' but that's about it. This channel is basically for anyone who has questions about their finances. And half of the fun is watching Dave answer some of the questions in his blunt tone. Any finance question you can think of, he's probably already has an answer in video form.
Should I Pay off Debt with My Stimulus Check?
Tasty - Remember the whole no patience thing? Yeah, it applies to cooking, too. But watching food/cooking tutorials? I'm in! The channel has so many series but my favorite has to be Make it Fancy.
I Made Only One-Pan Recipes for a Day
Honorable Mention: Shirley Eniang - Shirley's taking a very (very veryyyy) long extended break. But when she was on, no one could touch her. She exuded grace and professionalism way beyond her young age (at the time). I remember when I first discovered her blog, I honestly thought she was in her mid 20s. Homegirl was barely scraping 21. I was shook. Her makeup tutorials? On point. Her style game? On point. Her aesthetic? On point. I still watch her old videos like it was published last week. Oh how I miss Shirley.
Spring/Summer Lookbook