Do it for the 'Gram #1

I may do this like once a month or something but here's a brief roundup of my Instagram photos from this year so far.

Let's start with the photo above. Showing off the thrifted earrings because, duh, they're fire. Also, I'll be doing my thrifted/vintage earrings collection really soon.

Speaking of fire, I love this photo so much. However, it didn't do well in terms of likes and comments. I'm always amazed when a photo I think sucks does very well and a photo that I think will skyrocket (like this photo) flops hard.

The wonders of social media.

Shared a throwback Easter photo of me and my sis. We're both rockin' Raya, a Nigerian based online jewelry store. I can't wait for their international shipping to start again.

Another way I styled this ASOS midi skirthere.

My visit to the American Visionary Art Museum.

I don't mention my Instagram enough so here's me mentioning - follow me on the 'Gram!