Support the People Around You

photo c/o Alice Morgan (Getty Images)

As much as I want (and seek) support for my blog, I try to do my part to support those around me as well. Looking within my circles (family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, blogging, etc.), it warms my heart in knowing I interact with creative, inspiring, smart, talented people.

And now, I want to share their work with you. My list...with a twist: all black-owned. I went this route because of the 'season' we're in; businesses/platforms owned by black individuals are still being overlooked and/or slighted. 

I chose to include Instagram pages because whether I like it or not Instagram is the ideal social media platform at the moment. If you like their content/products, please: follow, like, comment, share (word of mouth is still a clutch move, too), and click on their website (which is usually included in the bio section of the page.) 


Event Planning + PR/Talent
Food + Drinks
Health + Selfcare

This will be updated periodically.

My extensive list of style bloggers/influencers you should know coming soon. Yep yep. A separate post is needed.