Go-To Look

What's your go-to look? Your "this will never ever fail me" complete look?

If you want to know mine, well, look no further than this outfit.

Here's a great example of my 'bread and butter': a bright, printed midi skirt (extra points if it's thrifted) + a top (extra points if I'm able to find one that clashes perfectly with the skirt (aka mixing prints) + a jacket + ankle strap block heels + statement earrings. Shit, we can even throw in the ombre blond hair, which I can't seem to let go of these days. This complete look is so...me.

And guess what? These photos were taken last year in February. Which further proves this is my go-to because I would wear this right now and not change a thing. Okay, I lied. Maybe switch the jacket for another denim jacket that hits right at the waist and not below. It'll have pockets, too. Because, duh.

Having a go-to look you wear constantly isn't a bad thing. Infact, it shows that you know yourself and your style. A great go-to look that makes you feel your best is one less thing to worry about in life.