Mircroblading with Huemon Beauty: Consultation

After years and years of deliberations in my head (because, indecisiveness), I've decided to get microblading.

Quarantine has magnified the fact that I am just lazy when it comes to makeup. I can watch makeup tutorials all day long - it's like watching them create artwork. But doing makeup on myself? Nah, homes. It's a burden. Now wearing masks feed into the laziness even more. Regarding eyes, I rarely wear mascara and I can't stand putting eyeliner because I don't want anything near my eyeball (hence why I've abandoned wearing contacts; couldn't take it anymore). My brows have also been neglected.

A tip I've learned from watching hours upon hours of makeup tutorials is a good lipstick/lipgloss, some mascara, and brushed shaped eyebrows goes a long way for a bare face. Microblading would cut down the process even more.

My permanent makeup procedure will be done at Huemon Beauty, located in Kensington, MD. The makeup studio also offers additional permanent makeup services including brow lamination, scalp micropigmentation, lip brush, and freckles.

I met with the owner of Huemon Beauty, Deyonne, for my consultation. Deyonne is a certified esthetician with a background in fashion design. She maintained her business while working full-time for almost 3 years. Since moving Huemon Beauty to its new location in Kensington last month, she's become a full-time business owner.

Right off the bat, after hearing my frustration of having no eyebrow tail, Deyonne decided Combination Brow will be the best fit. Combination Brow - also called Microshading - is a process involving hair strokes + shading. She also came to this conclusion because I have combination skin. Plus it's the most natural looking and she kept reassuring this to me because I was adamant about wanting natural looking eyebrows. (Sidenote: If you're allergic, please inform the artist about your allergies so a discussion can be had about the products and ingredients that'll be used during the procedure; A quick patch test will be given, results within 5-10 minutes. Best to plan this ahead of schedule however, it can be done last minute, too.)

Everything was trucking along just fine until I started listing the products used during my morning and night skincare routine. Deyonne went 'aht aht' when I mentioned using a retinol tonic product. Products with any kind of retinol is a big no-no when preparing the face for microblading. Even though it's the eyebrows area, the skin as a whole is very sensitive and the retinol will counteract with the pigment being used for the procedure causing the eyebrows to fade more quickly.

With this snag, I had to immediately stop using the retinol tonic and wait 30 days for my face to adapt. It's an adjustment but I'll survive...because I'm excited. The date is less than two weeks away.

Of course, I'll have recaps. In fact, I plan to blog about the procedure and the touch-up session (4-6 weeks later).

Be on the lookout.