Break Out the Champagne

I'm a white wine kinda lady. Yeah, I know. I'm in the minority. But I'm also a champagne kinda lady, too.

See, we have something in common.

I blame going to blogging/fashion events. For them, nothing classier than bubbly champagne being poured in a flute by a handsome man. And I'm here for it. There was one particular lifestyle event eons ago, when I tasted the pairing of champagne + St. Germain. My life completely changed on that day and whenever I'm out and about, if possible, I ask for that 'cocktail'.

Bubbly and slightly sweet are my preferences when it comes to champagne (and white wine, too.) Both were present at this event hosted by Champagne Officiel to celebrate Champagne Day at The Next Whisky Bar located inside of the Watergate Hotel. In the bio section of their Instagram page they want all of us to know: "Champagne only comes from Champagne, France". Better recognize. Anywho, a great choice on their part on the venue cause did you peep what looks to be like champagne walls in the background? Nice touch.

My outfit reads fall here because this took place in October 2019 but that's not gon' stop me from providing similar options of this look. Don't worry, it'll be a summer vibe: