Mixing Prints Monday

Mondays are for mixing prints.

It's true. It's a thing.

Thanks to the lovely world of When Thrifters Thrift, I came across Audrey of Affectionately Audrey and her colorful page. Aside from Audrey's amazing style, one huge thing caught my attention - her absolute love for mixing prints.

And would you look at that? I love to mix prints, too.

Audrey reached out to me to participate in her Mixing Prints series. It's been a while since I've last put some thought into an outfit...and actually took photos of said outfit. I'm talking 5-6 months. It's real in these struggle streets. I accepted the challenge to...challenge myself out of this rut.

While I love to mix prints, I'm not on the level of Audrey. Not too long ago, she created an outfit mixed with eight (!!!) prints and patterns. The highest I've done is three. With this in mind, I stayed true to my style and comfort level to create a look I can easily wear out and about.

The starting point was the skirt. Then came the embroidered block heel sandals. I got stuck when it came to the top. My top choice would've been a white printed top. But get this - I don't own one. At all. The closest is a cream top worn here and it wouldn't work with the skirt. I had to go the 'safe' route by choosing a black printed blouse.

But then I came across another dilemma. I had two blouses that paired perfectly with the skirt. I didn't want to take forever choosing the one so I decided to style each blouse in different looks: casual and dressy.

Dressy - embroidered block heels, white/gold statement earrings (also adding into the print mixing fun) and grey mirrored sunglasses
Casual - french tuck in the front with the back out, vintage blue earrings to pick up the color from the skirt, metallic silver brogues, color mirrored sunglasses with print frames.

Did I rock the challenge?