21 Hours in Dubai

Once I knew a trip to Nigeria was definite, it was time to book a flight. Layovers can be a drag but this time around, I purposely looked for a long one because I knew the airline I wanted to fly, Emirates, would land me in a city that has been high on my travel wish list.

Here's my 21 hour layover in Dubai.

I'm such a tourist who'll always be here for top attractions in a city. In order for me to squeeze in as much as possible on this trip, I did a hop-on-hop-off with Big Bus Dubai. I purchased the Classic-1 Day ticket which rounds up to $70+ with taxes. The ticket includes 3 different routes to explore: Red Route (city of Dubai), Blue Route (Dubai Marina), and Green Route (beachfront, Atlantis on the Palm). I was only able to do Red and Blue.

Feeling refreshed from a 5hr nap, Dubai awaits.
Look closely to see the Burj Al Arab
The Pointe with the Atlantis, The Palm in the background.

The Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa
The Museum of the Future

My favorite part of the city was Dubai's Old Town. It's like night and day compared to the metropolitan Dubai the world's used to seeing. This part of the city remains untouched from the buildings to the markets (souks). Pretty cool to experience up close.

Dubai Museum
Riviera Hotel, the oldest hotel in Dubai
Dubai Frame

Before my flight back to the States, I got to spend time with my family friend, Nicole, and some of her coworkers. It was the perfect way to unwind with conversations, lots of wine, food, and a stunning night time view of downtown Dubai.

I was actually planning to visit again for Dubai Expo 2020 in October. But y'know, 'Rona. It's been postponed to next year. Let's hope we're able to travel by then. *fingers crossed*