One Shoulder LBD

I'm mentally restyling this look.

Let's do this together because two heads are better than one. Even though, I'm typing and no one else is physically with me but you get my drift. I feel your presence reading this post, so you're with me.

First off, I'd wear a straight semi-long wig. The wavy, short hair is not doing the gold crown headband any favors since the hair is obscuring the gorgeous embellished detailing. At least with straight hair, I'd put it in a low ponytail or chignon, away from my neck and allowing the one shoulder style of the dress to be the main focus. Speaking of focus, the long fringe earrings would also be x'd. The earrings and headband are both focus pulling; it should be one or the other.

Moving right along is the big ass black watch with a silver face. I feel naked without a watch so one had to be put on. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong one. I love my Michael Kors oversized men's watch so much that I tend to rock it with everything. This is a reminder to myself to invest in a sleek, dressier watch fit for formal wear.

Little Black Dress

Finally, the shoes. I actually like the pair I wore with the dress. However, they're are metallic pewter while my accessories and clutch (not shown) are flat-out gold in color. I'm all for mixing metals but it didn't work this time. 

Thankfully, all of my nitpicking is overshadowed by this pretty little black dress (LBD). It's delicate because of the lace yet also sexy. Surprisingly, quite flattering, too. I can't wait to wear it again (and styled better!) Below are similar options of one-shoulder LBDs: