Microblading with Huemon Beauty: Combination Brow & Touch-up Session

In July, I went into detail about my microblading consultation with Huemon Beauty. I had to wait at least a month to do the actual procedure.

Well, time has passed right on by because not only have I done the combination brow process...but also the touch-up session, too! 

Let's break it down, shall we.


Before we began, Deyonne had to map out my eyebrows:

Peer closely to see the mapping on my forehead and eyebrows.

Next is the shading. She used this technique for the majority of my eyebrows. When completely healed (meaning, a few months after the touch-up session), this section will look most natural. It'll no longer appear as strokes but more like blurred 'hair'. 

Microshading process.
Different colors of pigment used in the process.

Then comes the hair strokes which is basically the microblading technique. This was applied toward the front of my eyebrows.

Microblading aka Hair Strokes complete.

In total, the procedure took 3 hours. We chatted here and there. I believe I dozed off a few times. But for the most part, I was jamming away to music I selected - Backstreet Boys and Jazmine Sullivan. There was a 10 minute break to prep the 'brows (numbing gel application) before the hair strokes process. Besides that, I thugged it out pretty well. My pain tolerance is pretty high, by the way. I'd say this was on the same level as when I got my tattoo. Both hurt a bit but not too much. More of annoyance than anything because of the constant pricking and scraping. But it's to be expected because, duh, microblading.

Me with Deyonne, Owner of Huemon Beauty
Huemon Beauty Self-Care Kit

I was given a self-care kit filled with items needed to guide me while taking care of the healing brows including a step-by-step on what to do (and not to do) in the first few days, which are the most crucial. This included eyebrow visors; these bad boys came through in the clutch when it was time to take a shower or wash the face.

Touch-Up Session

Roughly 1.5 months later, I was back in the chair. Deyonne was very proactive during the healing process, always checking in and asking for photo updates. Because of this, she determined what my brows needed for the touch-up.

Healed eyebrows after the initial process.
A bit of the pigment faded because of constant sweating.

Due to the shading and strokes fading too quickly (I sweat very very easily and this process was done in the thick of summer season. D'oh.), she went up a size in the needle; this way it can produce more pigment. She also decided to use one color throughout (she used three colors in the initial procedure). Usually, a touch-up session is an hour but because my 'brows required a bit more attention, it ballooned to 2 hours and some change. Again, no biggie. Music and good conversations made the time go fast. The pain, this time around, was a bit more noticeable because my time of the month was around the corner. Craziness, right?

Touch-up complete.

Deyonne didn't want to push our luck even with the cooler weather, so she suggested to do a dry healing - after the first night, I no longer required any water or soap to cleanse. Instead, dry cloths were used to dab dab dab away any moisture.

It's now been 3 weeks since the touch-up session and I'm very satisfied with the results. In fact, here's a visual representation of the emotions I went through during this whole microblading process:

image c/o Rendermatology


I'd highly recommend Deyonne and Huemon Beauty for your next permanent makeup procedure. Use code 'VIVI' to receive 15% off. This code is valid until 10/19/2020. Don't miss out!