70s Twist

This was a major contender for my birthday dress. But then I saw the sequin light and went with another choice.

Don't get it twisted, though. This 70s inspired dress is very much still a banger.

Purchased almost two years (Jan '19), it didn't fit the way I would have liked. So every couple of months, I'd have a try-on session with the wishing and hoping and praying it'll fit perfectly.

Well, 'perfectly' never came.

Roughly a month before my birthday, I did another try-on session. I was super satisfied with the fit - even though it wasn't to the T. And yet, I still made a mental note to myself that this would be the dress. Yeah, that didn't happen. So I did the next best thing: a birthday photo shoot wearing the dress at my staycation hotel, The Mandarin Oriental. The weather was kinda warm and the sun too bright, so the rest of the shoot was done in their fantastically gorgeous lobby area.

It's no secret about my love for dresses. But did you know I love me a good dress with a 70s vibe? That I do. And this high neck twisted front beauty (no longer in stock) hits the sweet spot. I can not wait until I pair it with tall boots. 

Here are a few more 70s inspired dresses: