Krem Lash Extensions

The hell is going on here? First microbladed eyebrows and now getting lash extensions? Who is she?

Let's blame 2020.

Thanks to a birthday gift from my coworker-slash-friend, I was able to treat myself to some new lashes at Krem Lash Bar.

It's a long time coming because my natural lashes are short, very curly and very unruly. Even when using one of the best mascara of all time (OF ALL TIME), Maybelline Great Lash , my lashes look pretty good but not like, pretty goodt. A lil' enhancement will be needed.

Fun fact: I hate putting shit anywhere near my eyeballs. Wearing contacts for years despite this problem was self inflicted torture. Straight up. Hence why I gave them up and now I'm forever #teamfoureyes. I have eyeliners, barely used. Makeup artists become frustrated with me because I'm always blinking in preparation of whatever torture device is coming near my eyes. It's struggle out here.

Natural lashes are short, curly, and have a mind of its own.

El, the owner of Krem, was patient, gentle, and above all, attentive. She told me to always voice my discomfort. A neck rest, pillows under my legs, and a cozy blanket to cover my feet (I opted to take off my shoes) were provided. This was helpful because I'm not a fan of laying on my back for too long. If not for the nerves, I'd definitely would've dozed off because the chill music playlist was quite soothing. Instead, we chatted throughout the 1.5 hour installation process. Oh, and we both wore masks throughout. 

I'm loving the longer, lightweight, natural looking lashes. It doesn't scrape or brush up against my glasses mainly due to the classic set chosen. I appear 'made up' without the makeup - a huge plus for me. 

Lashes poppin' through the eyeglasses.

My sister warned me this is a very addictive expense. Ha. We shall see. I'll update y'all in a month.

Krem Lash Bar
957 Bonifant Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910