Party Function Vibes

And it's Black History Month, too.

Nothing much to ramble about on here so let's get into my outfit of the day...on this blog. 'Cause I'm sure as hell not wearing this outfit right now. I'm actually wearing a loungewear dress (well, more like a swing dress that I've deemed my 'loungewear' but it can easily be worn outside which I've done in the past). It's pretty light considering today's winter storm weather. Hmmm...maybe I should be in something warmer but I tend to get hot very easily. Besides, my house is warm. I'm good.

Oops. I rambled.

Anywho, I enjoy wearing items to create an illusion of some sort. Like here, I'm wearing a blouse and skirt to create a dress. Both items are in the same color theme and have similar shape patterns. This outfit gives me gala/function party vibes. All I'm missing is a champagne flute. 

Excited to style the sheer shirt with neck tie and layered maxi skirt separately. Blouse with jeans. Maxi skirt with a fuzzy sweater topped with a moto jacket and tall boots. Skirt worn as a dress! The possibilities are endless.