Biden Harris 2020

biden harris 2020 yellow pink sweatshirt etsy

Yes, the world is in shambles but we gotta allow some positive news to lift the spirits. And today's positive news - Inauguration Day for Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris as the Vice President of the United States - is a HUGE lift for my spirit.

Four long years of utter nonsense from the previous guy who lived in the White House has finally come to a close. We have suffered greatly. Joe + Kamala have their work cut out for them to undo the madness the idiot created.

But I'll be right here rooting for 'em. They'll need a lot of our support and a lot of our patience.

Speaking of support, so many honks and hollering while posing in this Biden Harris 2020 sweatshirt. Initially, I was like, who the hell are they honking at?! I'm just over here trying to get my photoshoot on. But then I relaxed when I realized it was the sweatshirt. 

While I'm excited for the transitioning, I'm keeping one eye open 'cause these days you never know with this country.