Pink Matter

Why, hello there. 

I'm chuckling while typing cause I just KNOW I'm getting some serious side-eyes. Like, where this bitch been? Or something way nicer than that.

Well, I've been here. Survivin'. Maintaining. Life has been life-ing. It's been quite a year for me. And to be honest, while I miss blogging so.damn.much, it just wasn't a priority of mine. 

It's still not.

But I had to blog today. Had to. I promised myself I will. Even gave myself a timeline - before 6pm. It's now 5:33pm. Barely made it. But I made it.

I decided to share an outfit look from my birthday (Oct. 21). The dress is from the Cushnie x Target collab a couple years ago. This was my first time wearing the dress since it was purchased. Yes, after 2+ years, I finally wore the dress. Why? Because it finally fit my body the way I wanted. 

It was the perfect dress for a birthday dinner at a sexy and hip restaurant. Styled it with black accessories to complete the look. Oooh, I wished there was a closer view of the earrings; it was so beautiful and matched perfectly with the dress! Ah well. Next time.

And there will be a next time.