Golden Globes '23

Happy New Year and all that jazz. We've come upon the 2023 awards season. And starting us off, per usual, is the Golden Globes.

Based on most of the reaction I've seen on social media last night, Golden Globes may have wished to turn back the hands of time (like 10 years ago) and grab Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host again. Cause folks were not feeling Jerrod Carmichael.

Personally, I enjoyed Jerrod's outfit changes more than his hosting like the the all white outfit above by Atelier Cillian and this one by Bode:

To be fair, his style of comedy doesn't really work in a lighthearted awards show setting. It did as the SNL opener. But Golden Globes? Where folks are tipsy af and waiting to scream with laughter to release all of that tipsy-ness energy? I'm sure everyone involved with this hosting choice have learnt their lesson.

Congratulations to (and there are many): Angela Bassett (first Marvel comic winner), Steven Spielberg (have no intention in watching his latest work however props to the man for still doing his thang in the directing game), Abbott Elementary, House of the Dragon (Golden Globes stay dashing awards to the 'buzziest' nominee; planning to watch even though Game of Thrones series finale still hurts), The White Lotus (really liked this second season compared to the first), Zendaya, Jeremy White Allen (Yay!!!! His work in Shameless was criminally overlooked so thankfully he's getting his correct dues for The Bear), Quinta Brunson, Amanda Seyfried (Yo. Her performance in The Dropout had me done. She deserves all of the awards!), Julia Garner, Tyler Jesse Williams, and finally, Eddie Murphy who was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award (and can I add - Eddie looked FANtastic on the stage).

Let's get into the red carpet fashion:

Letiticia Wright in Prada
She looks amazing! No critiques.
Michelle Yeoh in Armani
The color of the dress is gorgeous.
However, she looks like she's wearing a short strapless dress over a maxi skirt.
Not a good look. 
The hairstyle could've been better, too.
Jennifer Coolidge in Dolce & Gabbana
It's a regular shmegular dress. And the hair is a mess.
She's definitely a fan favorite for many. However, her character on The White Lotus was hella annoying.
Honestly, as an actress, she does nothing for me.
Emma D'arcy in Acne Studios
Her red carpet game is so interesting.
A bit off kilter but it says something, y'know.
I really like this look.
LOVE the pop of blue in the hair and gloves.
Colman Domingo in Dolce & Gabbana
Quite handsome.
The suit is perfection with the right amount of embellishment.
Natasha Lyonne in Givenchy
Here's another one who's acting is...slightly overrated.
Mainly because she plays the same role.
Anywho, I like her version of All Black Everything. The hair and makeup brings a nice contrast.
A bra would've done wonders.
Tyler James William in Amiri
Man, look what a few years can do for someone.
He exudes charisma and swag (I truly hate that word but it's true).
The outfit, while not for me, was made for him.
Sheryl Lee Ralph in Aliette
And she's enjoying the hell outta her resurgence.
Well deserved.
Love the color and dress. The hair length? Not so much.

Now, we've entered the Christian Siriano segment of this post. See below for the designer's looks:
Billy Porter
One of his best red carpet looks! The color, the fit, the duality.
Nicole Byer
While the design screams wedding gown, it being black sequin elevates the dress.
Loving the hairdo. 
Quinta Brunson
Her and her stylist (shit, her eam) knows fit, style, and fashion.
Her street style is on point. Her red carpet style is on point.
I'm a fan.

Hope you enjoyed the Golden Globes '23 post. See ya at the next awards show.