A Thousand and One

This movie is gonna have a lot of discussions on social media platforms.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend A Thousand and One movie screening before its release date. The movie follows the 15 year journey of a mother and her son in New York City, beginning with her release from prison to her son preparing for college.

Inez the mother and Terry the son. Both raised in the foster care system...and the NYC streets. And Inez wants to forcibly change that trajectory. Their journey is not a smooth one. Filled with so many emotions, so many obstacles, and so many struggles - it'll have the viewer going on a roller coaster ride of their own emotions. Various people enter their lives: some to help, some to judge, some to turn their world upside down. And a huge secret between the mother and son hangs over them throughout each of their journeys, ready to bring chaos just as things are beginning to finally settle down.

This is not Teyana Taylor's first acting role but it is her first starring movie role. And she definitely held it down. Granted, being from Harlem (and a mother) certainly helped with her channeling the grit and determination needed to bring Inez to life. All 3 actors who portrayed the son did great as well. Terry is quiet by nature but within time we realize he uses it to shield himself from his mom's wild behaviors. Deep down, Terry loves Inez but he's also cautious of his mother. "What will mom do next?", was probably running through Terry's mind. Another actor who made their mark in the movie was William Catlett who played Lucky, Inez on-again-off-again boyfriend (and later on, husband).

The ending was something else. Nobody in the audience saw it coming. As the credits rolled, I sensed a bit of displeasure from most of the viewers. Me? Well, not all movies will have a happy ending. And not every character will be well liked.

Overall, I really enjoyed A Thousand and One even with its abrupt ending.

A Thousand and One