Denim x Denim

My love for denim on denim aka the Canadian Tuxedo is everlasting. Honestly, truly.

It'll never ever ever go out of style in this home of 1. When done right, denim on denim can look chic and effortless.

If you really think about it, denim on denim is basically monochromatic. Which leads me to the most popular take on this trend: wearing similar denim shades. It usually gives off a "complete" look. Doesn't matter if the denim bottoms are skirts, shorts, or jeans (2015) - if the top is around the same denim color, you're good. 

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Fashion Collective with Kahlana Brown x Target
Sleeveless Sweater Dress: Adam Lippes x Target
Tights: Sheertex

Light denim + dark denim works, too. I remember back in 9th grade, a classmate walked into our health class wearing a blue denim shirt with black jeans. Decades later, the combo still work wonders. Here's my version with grey jeans (2010) and dark blue jeans (2013). 

Keep in mind, it doesn't always have to be a top + bottom pairing. To ease yourself into this timeless trend, try denim outerwear. I did this with pairing a sleeveless longline chambray jacket with jeans (2016). But the easiest, of course, is rocking a denim jacket with a top and denim bottoms.

Since denim on denim is a spring/summer trend again, twas only right to present this post. I aim to please. And I aim to be back here in the next 5 years proclaiming once again why denim on denim will always be top tier.