Casual...with a Twist

Sweatshirts and hoodies with a twist? Count me in!

It should be noted, I don't immediately gravitate towards casual, sporty looks. In fact, I'm still, to this day, trying to perfect an athleisure look that'll work for me. There's only one pair of tennis shoes (what up Atoms!) in my closet. One. 

During the 2020 Shutdown, I realized there were no sweatshirts in my closet either. None. I'm now happy to report I have a grand total of...two. As for hoodies, there's the one I purchased back in 2017 at the Backstreet Boys Vegas residency concert. Thankfully, I've added another to my sparse collection. Let's get into it.

I kinda went ham purchasing damn near everything from the Kahlana Barfield Fashion Collective for Target line last year (no longer in stock however try consignment stores like Poshmark to find pieces). And one of my favorite items was this cream hoodie with shoulder cut-out. 

Perfection, right? Great mix of casual and cute. Dare I say, even sexy. See, I can definitely rock sweatshirts and hoodies with fun details.

Recently wore the hoodie to play crazy mini golf and upped the sexy factor by wearing black faux leather leggings and stacked heel booties. Even added statement earrings.

The photo above is a screenshot from a video clip. Your girl forgot to take legit outfit photos. D'oh! But hopefully, you get the idea. Sweatshirts or hoodies with trendy details like off shoulder, cut-out, or cropped can provide plenty opportunities to add some pizzazz to a casual outfit.