A couple of weeks back, I was invited to a small get together to celebrate a friend's birthday. I whipped out my maxi dress from ASOS. My sis and Cee saw my outfit and complimented me on the dress like it was their first time seeing it. Whaaa? I'm like, are these chicks going crazy? I wore this same dress at the festival over the summer. *chuckles* I guess it was because of the way I wore it this time around - sans a belt, with a black blazer & my hair braids in a bun. This just goes to show you that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with wearing an item over again (AND showing it on your blog). As long as it's being styled in different ways.

Just relaxing with my food.

I had to put this picture up. Uche and Cee definitely did not plan their outfits this way.
Stripes and red done right.

Sis and I with the host/celebrant, Ijeoma.

On to the next one...