Another Day, Another Museum

Where: Crime Museum

Summary: My love for museums will never go away. Next up on the list: Crime Museum (thanks to GroupOn!). This place is deceivingly huge. My friends and I spent a little over 2 hours reading all kinds of information regarding how crime and punishment was served throughout each era. Cool fact about the museum: It also has the filming studios for America's Most Wanted. There were some fun interactive activites to get into. One of those activities is a simulated FBI shooting range, which pretty much tests your skills in accuracy and judgement. There was a person due to, I don't know, nerves or something that kept shooting unarmed people. T'was funny. Thank goodness it was a game, though.

Blazer: thrifted, Blouse: Avenue, Jeans: Forever 21+, Shoes: Simply Be, Bag: Nine West, Ring: vendor

After the museum, we ate at Nando's Peri-Peri. The restaurant is known for their chicken. I got the Chicken Breast Pita. It was just alright but I will say that it was definitely filling.

How cute are her ASOS brogues?
This. Blew. My. Mind.
Thermal Imaging Technology