CapFABB Meetup: American and Ice Co.

Next event was the monthly CapFABB meetup. This time, it was held at American and Ice Co. I love the outside eating area. I mean, there was an inside bar but still...outside eating area. It had long benches for the customers to sit down and pig out and ceiling fans to keep its customers cool during the hot weather. I will try my bestest to make it out there.

Another thing I'll try my bestest to do is check out Rent The Runway. RTR was the other host of this meetup. RTR is an online luxury store where you can rent from over 95 high-end designer dresses and accessories for a pretty good deal. Wear to an event you had planned to attend (be it wedding, gala, date, or just a night outta town) and once you're done, send it back to RTR (which is free, by the way). That's it. Another cool thing is that RTR will give you a backup dress in another size just so that you can choose the perfect fit. And that, too, is free. A lot of the dresses are not my size but how can I turn my back on designer bags and accessories? I just can't.

photo c/o 2 Snaps and a Twirl

Enjoy the pictures!

(l-r) Amarachi, Carlis, Mona

Bella and Sai

How gorgeous is Amarachi's dress?!
It's vintage and was only $6.
She wins.


Peep Jasmine and her neon dress.

Alison (r) and Stephanie (l)

Katherine (l)

Saade (r)

I really liked how Shella styled her green dress with fun and bright accessories.