Inspiration #5

I kinda put myself on a braids ban so I can let my edges breathe.

It seems like that ban is coming to a close.

This compilation of photos is giving me some serious braiding inspiration. Look at those styles! I repeat,! Life. She got her braids done in Nigeria. Of course. Hands down the best place I've ever gotten my braids done was in Nigeria. In fact, one of my main reasons for ever travelling back home to Nigeria for Christmas vacations was knowing that I'll be coming back to the States with some fly braids on my head. Trust. Gosh, I can't wait! I'm hoping to head out there this Dec. *fingers crossed*

Anywho, back to the subject: my friend's braids. It's called One Million Pieces because it looks like a good million braids are on the head. Now, is it really one million braids up in there? I mean, who got time to count that ish out? lolol. But even though there are A LOT, the kicker is that the braids are extremely lightweight. Seriously, they are! And even though I keep saying braids, it's actually individual twists. Very tiny, tiny, tiny twists. I can do these myself but then again, that would mean locking myself in a basement for one week straight. And I don't want that. More than likely, I will get them much thicker but the same length.
This photo inspires me to next time try different styles with my braids. Not the same ol' bun I was rockin' late last year (Click here, here and here for proof. SMH).

I'm sure you can also tell from the photos that she has great style, too.