Macy's Presidential Inauguration Fashion Show

Event: Macy's Celebrates the 2013 Presidential Inauguration!
Where: Macy's Metro Center

Chelsey Green and The Green Project
Summary: As we all know the Inauguration Weekend is fast approaching filled with balls and parties and an opportunity to slap 'Inauguration' next to any event. I gotta admit, though, the excitement is getting to me. I mean, it won't be as H Y P E has it was four years ago but I'm sure DC will still be live. Anywho, I checked out the Macy's event recently. There were beauty makeovers, beauty consultations, small bites, drinks and finally a fashion show featuring formal wears for both ladies and gentlemen. The highlight for me was discovering a band by the name of Chelsey Green and The Green Project (www.chelseygreen). OMWord, they were so good! They had me grooving to songs that I don't usually groove to. They take on Top 40 to classical music and supply the songs with their own jazz flavor. I'm a fan.

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