Thrifted Coat/Jacket Photoshoot

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I don't care much for coats or jackets. I prefer blazers and vests for outerwear. On my recent thrifting trip, however, I truly lucked out on some great finds. And, luckily for me, it was 25% off day. It was just meant to be. I wanted to do a post on these finds but not in my typical way of how I do my thrifting/shopping haul (check out here and here for a refresher). Since creating a video haul was completely out of the question, the only other option I could think of was having a photo coat shoot. With the help of Bisi of Road to Fashionable, this post was made. After our hard afternoon/evening work of shooting pictures and withstanding the freezing cold and that fuckshit windchill, we went for warmth and sushi.


Paisley Blouse/Statement Necklace: thrift, Pencil Skirt: Bespoke via Simply Be, Tights: CVS, Booties: Avenue
#1 Leather Jacket with Laser Cut Detail

Out of the three, this leather jacket was the cheapest. Craziness, right? That's thrift store prices for you. Anywho, the original price was $9.99. 25% off - $7.49. When I saw the jacket it reminded me of this ASOS Curve Pencil Skirt because both items had the laser cut detailing that I love. The lining is 100% polyester. So, yeah, it's really not thick nor warm enough for this brutal winter weather BUT come spring time it'll be on and poppin'! 

#2 Liz Claiborne Women Paisley Coat

This coat is slightly thinner than your everyday coat...and that's perfectly fine with me. Heavy coats are not my thang plus I sweat easily. Original price was $14.99. 25% off - $11.25. The paisley print won me over. 

#3 L.L.Bean Double Breasted Trenchcoat 

Nothing wrong with a little pop of color. Especially in this dreary weather. Granted, this trenchcoat is more suited for the spring/fall weather. But, who cares. Love how I can button it up to the neck, tie the belt around my waist and it'll look like all I have on is the coat, tights and booties. Almost like a trenchcoat dress. Original price was $19.99. 25% off - $14.99. Usually (and by usually I mean almost never) do I purchase an item that high in a thrift store. Maybe with a 50% discount. But with only a 25%? Nah. But I had to swallow my pride and realize that this trenchcoat was just too pretty to pass up.

Did you enjoy this photoshoot? Would you like for me to continue with a series similar to this one? Leave your comments below.

Wishing everyone a great and safe week!