Work Your Curves Event

Event: Work Your Curves
Where: Archstone First and M
Summary: Kim of Curvy CEO organized this fantastic event for plus size women who were interested in jump starting their healthy journey.

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I'm saying, these events are coming at the right time for me, no? (For a refresher to understand what the hell I'm talking about click here). It was held at Archstone First and M gym. This apartment complex located in NE DC is freakin' awesome. I'm never usually in awe of apartment complexes but this one takes the cake. Anywho, the first hour focused on customized workouts suited for the busy lady that wouldn't be able to head to the gym on a daily basis. Our professional fitness trainer was Chickaro Martin, President and Founder of Project Fitness. We did a series of stretching, cardio and strengthening exercises that focused on our legs, abs and arms. The second hour was dedicated to healthy cooking. Our chef for the afternoon was Tiffany Griffin, Creator of ComoWater. She explained to us basic ingredients around our kitchen that can help us create healthy dishes. She cooked, we listened, we ate. To say I had such a great time would be an understatement. It was truly a fun-filled and energetic morning/afternoon with a couple of ladies like myself who were/are ready to make steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

I dress like a straight bum when I hit my local gym. I'm talkin' about All Oversized Everything (AOE). For me, I'm there to workout. Not to look cute, not to feel cute. Just to workout. The thought of spending more than $20+ on some t-shirt and sweats/shorts/pants just to workout for 1.5hrs and sweat all over them...? Me no get. My sister told me yesterday that apparently when you wear something cute to workout it actually makes you want to work out more! O_O Now, don't get me wrong. Maybe I'm seriously downplaying how I dress up. I mean, I still look like a civilized human being. And from time to time, dudes approach me...which I kinda side-eye them like, um, do you NOT see how I look like? But whatever. I didn't want to scare off the masses at this event so I decided to spruce up my workout outfit. Even adding a blue scarf which somehow transformed itself to a bow. I kid you not but when I tied it I was not going for a bow. I'm serious.

Me with Chickaro Martin

Tiffany Griffin
One of the best tips she gave was to season your oil or water for a more kickin' flavor.
Trust me, it works.

Let me tell you about the wonder that is Smoked Olive Oil.
It's something else.
As Tiffany called it, "One of cooking's best kept secret".
Basically, use this oil in place of your favorite smoked meats. It'll have your food tasting like the smoked meats are there.

(clockwise) Raw Carrot Salad, Baked Coconut-Herbed Brown Rice, Jalepeno Cornbread, Blacked Eye Peas with Carrots, Homemade Truffles with no added sugar.
Not shown: Braised Cabbage and Swiss Chard, Pineapple Jasmine Spritzer and Pineapple-Coconut Sorbet.