Numero Uno

Why, hello there.

New Year's Day has come and gone. We're just testing out 2013 with our big toe. You blink a couple of times and *cue next scene* we'll be waist deep into 2013. Seriously, the older we get the quicker time flies.

(clockwise) Britney Spears, Cher, Lady Gaga and Janelle Monae, Queen Latifah, Tina Turner
Yesterday, after having brunch at Red Sky, I got the chance to visit the Women That Rock: Vision, Passion, Power exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Let me tell you how I didn't even know such a museum existed. Let me tell you how I've driven up and down New York Ave near 12th and 13th streets so many effin' times and didn't know that the museum was located there. SHAME! Just shameful. Along with Brea and Kim, we checked out costumes, videos and inspirational quotes from the women who redefined music - past and present. There were a few notable omissions like Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Anita Baker, Dixie Chicks, etc. So, I was left there pondering like did they only select women who had outrageous costumes during their celebrity lifetime? I was very much confused. Because seeing Rihanna having her own mirrored display and not, say, Beyonce was just off to me. (Fun Fact: I'm not a RiRi fan. At all. Also, I don't care much for Beyonce BUT I enjoy some of her music.)

Sweater: H&M
Faux Leather Leggings: eBay
Shoes: Avenue
 Bag: Gucci
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: thrifted
Rings: vendor, Lane Bryant
Leggings don't really excite me but with all of this faux leather leggings that have been circulating throughout fashion blogsville world, I was a bit curious. I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and buy me a pair. I took another plunge and checked out eBay. I found the one that appealed to me and went for the kill. I gotta say, it was the right choice. Now, I've been bitten. More faux leather leggings of different colors, pleaseandthankyou. I wore the leggings with my over-sized H&M cowl neck sweater. I felt comfortable and...right. If that makes any kind of sense. 

Thanks to Brea for taking the photos with her awesome camera. Cause my camera has been straight trippin', yo!

Have a great day and Happy New Year (a week late)!