Gray Day

dc plus size style
Faux Leather Jacket: Target, Sweater: Old Navy, Blouse: Avenue via ReDress, Skinny Jeans: Lane Bryant, Flats: Payless

Let me tell you about these Lane Bryant Lace Print Skinny Jeans. I purchased the item online a couple of months ago. I bought my usual size. The size I always get in pants/jeans at other stores like Forever 21, Avenue, Simply Be, etc. I slipped on the jeans and everything was all fine and dandy until it was time to zip up and button up. I could not zip up and button up. At all. Like, even with all my breathe in-ing...nada. I was pissed. That's Lane Bryant and their weird sizing for you. Anywho, last week I decided to press my luck again and try on the jeans. Everything was all fine and dandy until it was time to zip up and button up. *smiles* It zipped up and buttoned up. And I didn't have to breathe in, either.


I finally got to pair it with my Old Navy sweater. I've always had this pairing in mind (click here and scroll down to the last paragraph for proof). Also rocking one of my most recent purchase: New Look Layla Large Stud Tote via ASOS. A structure bag is the way to go. So versatile.

Statement Necklace: Accessories We Love
Around my neck, underneath the collar is an awesome prize I won over at Accessories We Love. Two items were up for grabs - 1) a statement necklace and earrings set and 2) a stretch bracelet. I won the first prize, obviously. I love it so! Thanks, Roxy!

This would probably be a good time to congratulate the Ravens on winning the Super Bowl. But I just don't care for them. Then again, I found myself rooting for them. The whole living in MD (even though I'm in the DC area) kinda messed with my brain a bit. Anywho, it was a funny game. With the whole 49ers getting butt hurt in the beginning and starting fights then the blackout that lasted for almost 40mins and finally 49ers using that extended break to regain momentum. The halftime show was just not it, though. Beyonce gave ya'll the live singing that ya'll wanted. She could've kept it. I was excited to see Kelly. She looked AMAZING. Michelle was Michelle. Poor Michelle.