Sunny Sunday

This past Sunday was just gorgeous, in terms of the weather. It was sunny but pleasant.

And breezy.
Now, I love myself some good breeze but this wind decided to be on another level that day. It was very gusty. As you can see, I'm wearing a full skirt. Full skirts are not meant for the gusty wind. No, no, no, no, no. At one point, while walking back to my car, I had to hold onto a rail with one hand while using the other hand to hold down my skirt while the wind decided to take it up a notch and swirl all around me. I swear I held onto that rail for, like, a good 20 seconds. That's a long ass time to just be standing there while holding onto a rail while holding down a skirt. I must've looked mad random. All well. I was not trying to have a Marilyn Monroe moment.

I spent the afternoon celebrating Waverly's birthday weekend at Lost Society. It was great to see Wave and also hang out with Tammy and meet Ashley. Great buffet brunch, bottomless mimosas, rooftop view, a nosy pigeon, and employees of the venue climbing over the rail, walking on top of the roof to enter a 'secret' door. Like, whaa? After it happened the second time, we had to stop one of them and ask, "Is there, like, a private event going on over there?" The employee laughed and said, no. That's where they have their employee meeting. Once again, whaaa? Can you imagine being mad at your co-worker after the meeting and threatening to push them off the roof? That was my first thought.

(l-r) Me, Tammy, Wave, Ashley
Wave's necklace (thrift find!) and cute bow cartilage earring.
Tammy's nice Micheal Kors chain link watch.
Birthday gal and I.
What I wore -

I actually didn't want to put this photo up. But since this blog is semi-ish like a journal/diary, this photo is a reminder that, hey, stand up straight, will ya! I mean, look at my boobs! So lopsided. I have this tendency of standing cocked to one side. I guess in doing so, my chest area has this see-saw effect happening. Gosh. I really gotta work on my posture. Good posture makes a world of a difference, I tell ya.
Tee: H&M+, Skirt: thrift, Heels: Avenue
Watch: Charming Charlie, Bag: Love, Cortnie