Exactly one year ago today, I posted my '13 recap. Well, it's that time again.

2015. TWENTY-FIFTEEN. Look, ten years ago was 2005. Do you know that 2005 felt like last week? Craziness.

One of the main highlights of 2014 for this blog was the Shopaholics Suite: A Curvy Shopping Event. Afterwards, I jokingly told some folks that I don't ever want to hear or type the words 'shopaholics suite' again. But, really, it was a lot of hard work that absolutely paid off at the end. Another one is coming in 2015. So be on the lookout. Another highlight was styling looks for Goodwill at the #FwdYourFashion Festival. That was a lot of fun. I enjoy styling from time to time. May take it a bit more seriously in '15. And I can't forget being styled by Wave for the epic blogger shoot done by Shell B. 

Unlike last year, I did step my game up in the reading department just a bit. I read the following books: The Fault in Our Stars, Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me, Gone Girl, Friday Night Lights, Hyperbole and a Half, and Yes Please. I'm currently in the middle of The Last Season: A Team in Search of its Soul (Such a dramatic title. smh x lolol) Once done, I'm diving straight into Purple Hibiscus (thanks, Mgbeks!) When it comes to books, I'm a fiction girl all the way through. With a little autobiography/memoirs in between. I try my darnest to get into self-help/motivational books. But, I don't know. *shrugs* One of these days, I'll hopefully find the right one that speaks to me. 

Besides attending The Governors Ball, my concert-going self was some shit. Thank goodness my sister surprised me with Ne-Yo tickets for my birthday. If not, my concert count for '14 would have stayed at ZERO.  Since we're on the topic of music here, just want to say that I'm extremely happy for Pentatonix and their rising success. And totally geeked that Jazmine Sullivan is back in our lives.

Ne-Yo at The Fillmore

Going back to my preview of Fall TV, I can say that black-ish is a good show. The kids are amazingly talented and Laurence Fishburne is hilarious (he needs to make more appearances). It took a while to get into The Affair and when I finally did, the season finale had to be all kinds of underwhelming. How to Get Away with Murder was okay. Viola is Viola - a beast. But the students gets on my nerves. Gotham is cool. For the returning shows, Game of Thrones was just fantastic. Scandal is back to being the great show it was in the past, Parenthood's last season is coming to an end (and I'm still not ready), Modern Family is still hilarious after all of these years, and the only thing that's keeping me hooked to Nashville this season is the music, Juliette, Avery, and Juliette + Avery. Everyone else on that show can go home. My other favorite comedy this year was Silicon Valley. After hearing the non-stop hype of You're The Worst, I felt it was my duty to watch and see if the hype was warranted (it was). Orange is the New Black and Masters of Sex was pretty good this season. Orphan Black was nice. As crazy and unrealistic as that show is, I love me some Banshee. And, finally, almost done with Season 2 of House of Cards. Ooh, almost forgot. I got hip to this UK show called My Mad Fat Diary. Finished the first 2 seasons in a day and a half. It was that good. Also, it helps that each season was, like, 6 episodes long. Anywho, thanks Elle and YouTube!

(I do love me some TV, huh?)

I've mentioned this so many times on this blog but it has to be mentioned again -  I'm really not much of a movie person. The only two movies I've watched in theatres this past year was Annie and Beyond the Lights. Beyond the Lights was surprisingly entertaining. Annie, on the other hand, was corny as hell. Only person who did a great job in their role was Cameron Diaz. When it came time for Jamie to sing he was acting like he was singing to his lover. Just squinting his eyes, being all sultry and looking mad weird in the process. (ETA: Behold! I've actually watched a total of three movies in '14. The movie I forgot to mention was Dear White People. I enjoyed it. Tessa Thompson did her thing.)

My favorite red carpet look this year.
Because, cape.
Also, because, Lupita.

Alrighty. Here are my favorite looks of 2014:


Vibrant Mashup



Stay Mixing, My Friends

My Day

Four years. Four years of Heart, Print & Style. Time flies, man.

Thank you for reading, lurking, commenting, sharing this lil' ol' blog of mine. Truly means a lot to me. I'm hoping to bring a steady flow of posts with great content in 2015.

Take care and Happy New Year!