Grammys '15

Sam won 4 outta 6 categories he was nominated in: Best Pop Vocal Album, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist

It's Sam Smith's world and we're just living in it.

Everyone's favorite music awards show (well, honestly, not mine's) was live and direct yesterday evening. 3.5 hours long. And I felt every second of it. But there were some performances and moments that made up for the lengthy show:
  • Ed Sheeran's performance of Thinking Aloud was amazing. Still my favorite performance of the night. He brought along John "#TeamFourEyes" Mayer to smolder on his guitar. I absolutely wanted an encore. (I later found out Herbie Hancock and ?uestlove was also there somewhere in the band. I guess my mind was only on Ed and John. Oops.)
  • Hozier and the fantastical Annie Lennox. After their duet of his song Take Me to Church, Annie decided to unleash her talented fury on us with her rendition of I Put a Spell on You. Man, she killed it. KILLED. IT. She freakin' did an air harmonica. My word.
  • Kanye performed Only One. I didn't care much for it. He later came back out with Sir Paul McCartney and Rihanna to perform FourFiveSeconds which the only highlight from that song was Rihanna's improved singing capabilities. 
  • Before Katy's performance, she managed to get POTUS to give a short PSA on domestic violence followed by a lady, a survivor of domestic violence, to spoken word speak about her trauma. While a very apt message to give, it kind of dampen the mood of the show. Immediately, my mind went to Chris Brown, who just so happened to be in attendance. I envisioned him probably squirming the whole time. CBS camera crew definitely missed an opportunity to pan to Chris during those PSAs. Anywho, Katy's performance bored me to tears.
  • For reasons I truly didn't understand, the telecast decided to announce the Album of the Year winner mad early. Like, an hour left before the show ended. That has never been the case before. I guess they knew announcing Beck as the winner would've been a fail to close out the show. When the winner was revealed (by a not amused shiny orange matching set wearing, carrying a staff Prince), I just burst out laughing. Grammys, never change. I was laughing so much I actually missed the 'Ye moment. 'Ye bounded on stage and acted like he was gonna snatch the mic for another one of his "Imma let you finish..." Thankfully, he decided not to go for it and returned to his seat. Much to the relief of Jay-Z and Beyonce. 
  • Kristin Wigg doing the damn thing in Sia's Chandelier performance. Maddie, per usual, was also great. Sia, per usual, did not show her face instead opting to face the wall and sing her song.
  • Beyonce, John Legend, and Common closing out the night. Beyonce performed Precious Lord, Take My Hand, a song that Ledisi sang during the movie, Selma. There was mild controversy as to why Beyonce got to perform the song and not Ledisi herself. Well, folks, Beyonce is the bigger star. It is what it is. With that being said, Bey didn't do much to the song. Much like her gown on the red carpet (more on that later), it was a predictable performance. However, John and Common were wonderful during "Glory". A nice song to end the show.
Alrighty. Fashion time. This red carpet didn't blow me away. I was underwhelmed. 

Jessie J in Ralph & Russo
Love the detailing on this dress, especially around the bodice area. I like that the train is understated so that the main focus can be on the shape and detailing. The only miss is that it's not completely lined. I'm tired of seeing folks bodysuits or underwear.

Zendaya in Vivienne Westwood
Still unsure about the wig and the color of the shoes, but Zendaya completely owned this look. 

Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad
Something about this dress spoke to me. Granted the coloring could have been brighter. Once again, I wished it was completely lined or maybe lined to the knee. But that'll probably make the dress a bit 'older' for Katy. Hate the shoes, the belt was not needed and the hair is a no.

Nicki Minaj in Tom Ford
Lovin' the toned down Nicki. The dress isn't all that, honestly, but she sure does look purty.

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab
This look got an overwhelming positive response online. And I'm over here thinking why.
The color is gorgeous and I do like the cut-outs. She needs a hair change. The earrings were too matchy. And I'm all for the 'pop of color' but not the one she chose. Actually, the shoes were completely the wrong choice; it's too casual. I guess the huge miss for me was the mini skirt.

Ciara in Alexandre Vaulthier
Another look that folks online were fawning over. And I was over here left confused.
This is a miss.
Rihanna in Giambattista Valli
Not much of a pink person but the color is pretty.
Yeah, that's all I got. 

Beyonce in Proenza Schouler
I think what bothers me the most is the hair. Long, lazy waves, and limp-like.
She needs a fashion intervention. Badly.

Kim Kardashian in Jean-Paul Gaultier
As I mentioned on Twitter, I immediately saw a bedazzled robe.
This shit cray.

Whatever, Madge.
photos c/o Hollywood Life