Roaming Around

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No time for rest. It's time to explore Cape Town, South Africa!

Despite our 11 hr journey from London to Cape Town, we immediately felt energized coming upon Waal Street. Our hotel is on this street but we didn't pay it no mind because our eyes feasted on the colorful surroundings. 

But, I mean, the view from our room was pretty darn cool, too. 

Cape Town is situated at the southern tip of Africa. It's enclosed between two oceans, the Atlantic and Indian. You're bound to come across various marine life. And that's how The Two Oceans Aquarium came to be! This top tourist Cape Town attraction currently houses over 3000 living sea animals.

Two Oceans Aquarium is located right in the heart of V&A Waterfront

Western clownfish (anemonefish)
Finding Nemo

Semicircle angelfish (koran anglefish) and Clown triggerfish

Devil firefish (common lionfish)
My mood right now because it's only Tuesday.

Touch Exhibition

Tube anemone
Gettin' a nightclub vibe.
With the Table Mountain as its' backdrop, V&A (Victoria & Alfred) Waterfront is the perfect area to walk around on a beautiful, sunny day.

After shopping and eating, four bronzed statues standing majestically in front of the pier caught our eye. Two of the statues looked familiar - Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. With a quick glance at the platform, we soon found out that the other two statues were FW de Klerk and Albert Luthuli. We were standing on Nobel Square. This monument is dedicated to South Africa's four Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Albert Luthuli, Desmond Tutu, FW de Klerk, and Nelson Mandela

Next up: what I wore for a dip in the pool.