Double Vision

Did you know I actually prefer to wear glasses over contacts? TEAM FOUR EYES over here, baby!

It really tickles my fancy that the 'geek chic' trend is still truckin' along. Cause I'm all like, "We still welcome you." And I truly love that glasses are becoming more wild with different styles and bold-ass colors. Injecting extra personality to someone's face, I say. Warms my heart. Currently, my favorite trend is the over-sized, square lens look. Granted, it may come off kinda weird on my face given that it's already so round and now I'm adding large square frames to complement it. But, ah well. It makes me happy.

I was given the opportunity to select and review a pair of glasses from Firmoo. This was a hard task to complete because Firmoo has a vast selection of very affordable sunglasses and eyeglasses that'll have you being the most indecisive person in the world. And for folks who know me, I'm already indecisive. So this process had really strung out. But still I rise because I managed to pick a pair of eyeglasses that didn't have me second guessing right after the payment button was clicked.  


What won me over? Mainly the dimensions, 'cause remember, it has to be slightly over-sized. The lens width is 54mm, lens height is 43 mm. Can you imagine if my face was slender how huge these babies would look on my face?! I'm geeking out over here. Whaa? Stop looking at me like that. Thanks. Next, it was time to choose the color. This pair comes in three tones -  I went with the Grey/Pink. 

My new eyeglasses would now become my new prescription eyeglasses. Firmoo has it that you can either upload your Rx or input the measurements to their site. From there you can tack add-ons for an additional cost. With this pair, I added the Anti-Scratch and Oleophobic Fingerprint Resistant A/R Coating features. Along with the cost of the frames/lens, the total was only $37.95! And even with the standard shipping fees everything was still under $50. Not a bad deal at all for a pair of cute, sturdy, well-made prescription eyeglasses.

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Blouse: Target
Jeans: Fashion to Figure
Sandals: Torrid
Bag: Ann Taylor via thrift
My next bold step is to buy a pair of vibrant glasses. The only quote-on-quote vibrant pair I own is, duh, purple but it's not bright enough; it doesn't POP. 

Maybe Firmoo can help me with that purple decision...?