dc plus size style

Here's a brief recap of the #R29StyleFestival.

A recap that was meant to go up immediately after this outfit post but, y'know, shit happens. Or in this case, someone got lazy. And by someone I mean...me. Clearly.

Before the main event started, we (bloggers) were invited to a small brunch which took place inside of Kate Spade. The usual of mingling, meeting new people, checking out cute bags and accessories, nibbling on small bites and sipping on mimosas occurred.  A couple of people from Refinery29 checked in to tell us what to expect at the Style Festival.

Once done, we were to the first floor of the mall where a large section was converted into a mini festival with a DIY t-shirt station, braid bar, make-up bar, boutique booths, and a concert area. The spot chosen for the concert was perfect because of the skylight above giving us the feeling of being outside. The musical act that afternoon was Lion Babe. Fun Fact: Lion Babe is the daughter of Vanessa Williams.

Me with Morgan of DC Funemployment
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