Emmys '15

viola davis uzo aduba regina king
Viola Davis, Uzo Aduba, Regina King
All winners.
So many of my favorites got their chance to climb up those steps to the stage and accept their awards. Me so happy.

Well, for the first hour and a half I was kinda of bummed because the same bloody winners of the past were winning again this year. I damn near threw my hands up in frustration...but I didn't because I needed my fingers to tweet...so I tweeted out my frustrations instead. However, the second half of the telecast gave me so much to smile about. My fellow Naija, Uzo Aduba, being only the second person ever to win Best Supporting Actress for Comedy and Drama for the same show (she won for Drama last night)! All dem Game of Thrones wins, especially for Peter Dinklage. Viola Davis being the first African-American woman to win for Best Actress in a Drama Series (even though I was rooting for Taraji P. Henson). And I was happy for Jon Hamm finally winning for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Dude's been nominated so many times but never won. Now with Mad Men ending their run, it was only right he was recognized. Shit, even the talented and forever overlooked Regina King got herself a statue. Yes, it was for a show that I found very much boring (American Crime) but dammit, I was still happy. In my head, I decided that award was for her magnificent work on SouthLAnd (RIP).

Andy Samberg was the host and he did a wonderful job. He was funny on stage and damn near hilarious in his skits. And his opening number was just too perfect because it spoke to those that need to/have to/want to watch all of the TV shows that are currently on air. Gotta keep up when it's time to recap with your friends over dinner.

Fashion time!

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Taraji P. Henson in Alexander Wang
Taraji can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to her style so I was curious to see what she'll show up in.
Thankfully, she slayed.
Chic and Edgy to the max.
The chain straps. The sheer lace skirt. Simple accessories. Bangin' hairdo.
Taraji looked amazing.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Sarah Paulson in Prabal Gurung
Bummer that I'm not feelin' her hairdo nor makeup because the gown is a stunner.
And it seems the wide brim, off-the-shoulder style was the theme of the night.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Maisie Williams
Her style is always so playful with a hint of lady-like and speaks to her age (18).
She looks lovely in this pink number. Major points for the cheekiness of her heels.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Claire Danes in Prada
It seems like chain straps were also the way to go on the red carpet.
I really like this dress. The style, the cut, the color.
It's unfortunate that the neckline is working horribly for her.
Also, that wasn't the right hairdo for the dress.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Kerry Washington in Prada
What a dress!
Kerry tends to go for those unique dresses. Off-kilter, at times.
This dress, while off-kilter, still is beautiful.
Didn't care much for her hairdo, though.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell
How majestic did Lady Gaga appear as she gracefully strutted down the red carpet?
She gave the aura of a very famous movie star.
This dress leans into the direction in which Lady Gaga is trying to go - a serious actress.
However, I do miss her music.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Laverne Cox in Calvin Klein
Sleek and sexy.
Please stop with the Beyonce hair.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Aubrey Plaza in Alexandre Vauthier
When she walked down the red carpet with the sun hitting her dress? HEAVEN.
It sparkled in all of the right places.
A great example of a dress that looks simple but it's simply not.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Gina Rodriguez in Lorena Sarbu
Not really a fan of Gina's style.
And while she looks very pretty in this dress (and the dress is beautiful)...
...I feel she could've done something more.

Uzo Aduba in Jonathan Cohen
The shade of pink is doing wonders against her skin.
Too bad for the blotch of blue in the middle that wasn't necessary.
Also, no to the hairdo.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Viola Davis in Carmen Marco Valvo
The more I look at this dress, the more I like it.
Yes, even with the design in the middle looking like bugs crawling down the skirt than leaves falling down the skirt.
It's the white that's working like fire.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Kiernan Shipka in Christian Dior Couture
At her young age, Kiernan is already deemed a fashion icon.
And while this number works in the style aspect (dress over pants are in right now)...
...can't say I'm behind this look.
Too muted for the Emmys.

Emmys 2015 red carpet
Heidi Klum in Atelier Versace
A big ol' mess.
A big ol' Big Bird dingy yellow mess.

*photos c/o THR, Elle.com, Hollywood Life

Did you enjoy last night's telecast? Any favorite moment? What was your favorite look on the red carpet?