National Aquarium

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I swear the last time I visited the National Aquarium was during my elementary school years. A field trip, maybe. Well, it was time to create new memories as an adult.

*photo heavy post

Since Blogalicious took place in Baltimore, and right by the Inner Harbor, I made sure to carve out some time in the evening to head to this major tourist attraction. The 250,000 sq ft place fulfilled everything I wanted from an aquarium. The experience began as soon as I stepped inside, coming face to face with the Maryland Waterfall. I, of course, geeked out only because I wasn't expecting to see a damn waterfall right at the entrance. 

From there we (being me and Dionna) saw dolphins and sharks and sloths (!!!) and stingrays and all kinds of animals and creatures that many of the exhibits housed. The one experience I really wanted to try was the 4-D Immersion Theater but missed the last showing by a couple of minutes. Bummer.

Enjoy the photos.


The National Aquarium wasn't the only aquarium I visited this year. During my trip to Cape Town, I made sure to check out the Two Oceans Aquarium

Any other aquarium I must visit? Word on the street is that DC had its own aquarium - but it's closed to the public. And, also, it sucks. Womp womp.