Fall TV '15

With the Emmys on tonight (!!!) and the Fall TV season officially starting tomorrow (!!!), now would be a good time to tell you about the new shows I'll be watching binging towards the end of the year.

My last year's picks turned out alright (here). I guess. black-ish is pretty funny but also pretty corny at times. How To Get Away With Murder held my attention for a couple of episodes then I got bored because the main story line dragged out for far too long. However, I watched the last two episodes over the Summer and you know what? I really enjoyed it. Gotham was cool but was only watching because of my love for Ryan Ben Ben McKenzie. Soon I faded out (even though my sister, surprisingly, enjoyed the whole series and told me to try watching it again). True Confession: Never watched Marry Me. Kept forgetting. And now it's cancelled. Oops. Fuck The Affair. Just fuck it. Grrr. The finale had me all the way pissed. So pissed that I won't be tuning in for the 2nd season.

Speaking of Summer, used the hot months to catch up on some old and new shows. And now, I would like to declare Friday Night Lights as one of my favorite shows of all time. Easily.

Here are my '15 choices:

1. Quantico (ABC) - Mainly because the trailer was really good. I mean, the lead character gets it on with some random guy in the front seat of his car (they met on a plane trip) not knowing they'll both be working together (ala Meredith and Derek in Grey's Anatomy. Only in their case, they met at a bar). And with no care in the world, she tells the other recruits right when he tries to re-introduce himself. The actress playing the lead, Priyanka Chopra, is apparently a humongous Bollywood star so I'm interested to see how she pans out in her first major US role. The show follows a bunch of new FBI recruits as they begin their training sessions. Only that one of them turns out to be a huge terrorist. Or not. 

2. Scream Queens (FOX) - I don't think I've ever watched a single episode of American Horror Story. Been meaning to...and I'm sure I'll will. Eventually. Glee never completely held my attention. Nip/Tuck, given my on-and-off watching, was an insane show. But I'll definitely be watching Ryan Murphy's newest creation, Scream Queens. I like that it appears campy. Don't care much for the horror aspect but it can be overlooked. And majority of the cast doesn't annoy me. It's about a bunch of sorority sisters getting flicked off one by one. Basically, a serial killer is on the loose and wreaking havoc on the sisters.

3. The Grinder (FOX) - Ben Savage! He of The Wonder Years. And a couple of other shows he was in but got cancelled way too soon. I hope this show won't be another one. *fingers crossed* (If you haven't noticed by now, I like to support actors/actresses that have been on shows I've loved). The concept of this comedy is pretty hilarious. And I enjoyed the preview trailer. Ben plays a fumbling lawyer in a small town in Idaho. He's always been in the shadow of his more popular older brother, played by Rob Lowe, a mega TV star coming off 8 seasons on hit TV show playing, you guessed it, a lawyer. When the show ends after 8 seasons, his brother now believes he has the expertise of a lawyer and decides to head back to his hometown to work alongside his brother.

4. The Muppets (ABC) - Have you ever wondered what really goes one in the Muppets' lives off screen? No? Yeah, me, neither. So why am I watching? It's the freakin' Muppets! I have to watch. Those lil' felt animals were my road dawgs growing up. C'mon, Muppet Babies? Just got chills humming the theme song. Another reason why I'm so gung-ho is because I peeped Margo Harshman, she of Even Stevens fame. Gots to support. And, well, it's a mockumentary style type of show (I truly wonder when that trend will fade into the sunset).

Truthfully, the two main shows I can't wait to watch - Wicked City and The Family, both on ABC - don't premiere until mid-season next year. Bummer. But the four shows mentioned above will do me fine, along with my returning old shows, until then.

Are you excited for the new Fall TV season? Any shows you want to give a try?