The Garden

dc plus size style
Well equipped for the White House Fall Garden Tour

Once again, my Mom claims to have taken us to a DC landmark and I just can't bloody remember. This time? The White House tour. I'm like, "Where are the receipts photos, tho?"

Anywho, while as an adult I'm yet to do a proper White House tour, I can finally say that I've entered the premises. Thanks to my friend having an extra ticket to the White House Fall Garden Tour.

The day was perfect for all the walking we did. Well to me, anyway. Love me some Fall. We (me, friend, and her husband) had morning tickets which we were like, thank God!, because by the time we were done with the tour in the early afternoon, it became quite crowded. No appearance from the any of the First Family nor my boo thang Vice President Joe Biden. Bummer. My friend kept joking that she saw movement in the windows thinking that it was maybe Sasha or Malia. All I could do was to shake my head like, please stop the madness. However, I still enjoyed myself. Hey, I was thisclose to the White House. Not many can say that. 

A zoomed in view of the President's Podium
We were warned to not step on the lawn.
My friend, forever the rule breaker.
Weeping Silver Linden
Malia and Sasha's Swing Set
Clearly, the daughters are full blown teenagers so I'm sure this set doesn't get much use these days.
But one is never too old to get on a swing!
I'm itching to get on a swing.
White House Kitchen Garden
Executive Building
The White House

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