Critics' Choice Awards '16

Krysten Ritter in Zuhair Murad
Best Dressed of the Night.
She's glowing in this dark maroon sparkly number.

The Critics' Choice Awards, which aired last night, honored the very best in film and TV. A first for the award show (see last year's recap of the show honoring only TV here). 

Hosted by T.J. Miller, the 3 hour telecast went by pretty slowly in my eyes. I'll admit my whole attention wasn't there. Just one of those days. Actually, I blame the very boring red carpet special that aired before the show. But, no, really. Other stuff distracted me. It happens. So congratulations to Mr. Robot, Rami Malek, Christian Slater (finally on a TV show that's not getting canceled anytime soon), Idris Elba, Master of None, Jessie Plemons (!!! No, I don't watch Fargo but I very much plan to only because of this dude. That's what happens when I truly love a show - I tend to follow the actors/actresses anywhere. And Jesse just so happened to be in two shows that I loved, Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad), Constance Zimmer, Shark Tank, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Sylvester Stallone, and Inside Out.

Walk, walk. Fashion, baby.

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel Haute Couture
It seems tier dresses are making a comeback or something.
What with Zendaya's look last week at the Golden Globes.
But unlike Zendaya's dress, I really really like Kirsten's take on the trend.
Maybe because it has a throwback feel to it.
Leslie Mann in Monique Lhuillier
She of the Jergens commercials.
Yes, I know she's more than that. But still.
Of course, the skirt portion is saving this dress.
Her feet are in pain, though.
Helen Mirren in Dolce & Gabbana
So regal, so beautiful.
It warms my heart how much this lady loves print.
Wrong clutch with the dress.
Constance Wu in Peter Langer
So pretty.
Just wished she did something else with the hair. It called for some loose waves, no?
Judith Light
One can never go wrong with a navy blue and black combo.
Judith is feelin' herself here. And she has every right to.
She looks good.
There was no need for a pop of color with the green earrings.
Sarah Paulson in Naeem Khan
A pretty kooky dress.
But it works.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent
Aside from the wonky neckline, it's a nice dress.
This look would have been complete with a black version of the sandals instead.
Alicia Vikander in Mary Katrantzou
This dress had potential to be something great.
But oh no to the bottom.
Zoe Kravitz in Dior Couture
I get what she was trying to do but it didn't go as planned.
The two shades of coral are fighting with each other instead of complementing each other.
Going silver with the accessories to, sort of, mute the high volume of the ensemble was the right choice.
But she could have chosen better accessories.
Marisa Tomei in Zuhair Murad
Very cute dress but totally inappropriate for this kind of awards show.
Amy Schumer in Calvin Klein
Will she ever get it right on the red carpet?
I'm convinced she doesn't have a stylist.
Because no stylist will let her go on the red carpet with all kinds of fitting issues.
However, give me that clutch because I want!
Regina King
She's proud of her toned body. That's awesome.
And I have nothing against crop tops on the red carpet...
...when styled really well.
I am against that atrocious folded curtain of a skirt.
Melissa McCarthy in Melissa McCarthy
...bloody hell.
I think what irks me the most is the clutch.
Why she thought a beaded multi-color black clutch would be the right choice to complete a look that involves a drabby green leaves print of a dress is beyond me.
And what is with the mock tie in the worst shade of green I ever did see?
And she wants folks to shop her clothing line?!!