Spring Trends #4: Sleeveless Jackets

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All good things must come to an end. 

womp womp.

Bringing you the fourth and final trend in our Spring Trends Lookbook: Sleeveless Jackets/Sleeveless Vests. And, oh boy, I am stocking UP because what a transitional piece! While it's popular for this Spring/Summer, it can easily be worn in the Fall/Winter, too. So...just a warning...a fair warning...you guys are about to see a lot sleeveless jackets/vests for the rest of the year in the next couple of months. You've been warned.

This Sleeveless Denim Chambray Jacket was calling my name because, well, it's a denim chambray sleeveless jacket. How unique. And it's damn near full length, too. Denim is also a very popular trend this season. But not just your typical denim, like say, a chambray shirt. Oh no. Denim use in an unusual way is where it's at, like the jacket I'm wearing or this knee-length skater skirt

Sleeveless Jacket: boohoo plus
Blouse: GarnerStyle x Rebdolls
Patchwork Jeans: Fashion to Figure
Wedges: Torrid
Clutch: Love, Cortnie
Sunglasses: Tildon via Nordstrom
Watch: Charming Charlie
I truly hope this lookbook gave you an insight on what's hot in fashion this Spring. And I also hope you were inspired. Please remember to visit BisiChi Chi, and Val to see their take on the sleeveless jackets/vests trend. 

(l-r) Bisi, Chi Chi, some lady, and Val
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